Each one of us possesses the unassailable power
to whittle away our karmic imprints &
make luminous the wondrous spirit.
– Maya Tiwari –


I created tantricOFFERINGS to mentor and guide you to the highest embodiment of your human potential. To imbibe your life, purpose, pleasure, sexuality, and spirituality with sacred TANTRIC MAGICK. 
All of you gets to BE here, living in alignment with your greatest truth and heartfelt desires.
The feminine has been deeply traumatized by cultural, societal, and educational institutions. Women often go through their entire lives without ever fully feeling into their wild and receptive essence. Many are confused and misunderstand their own feminine power… It has been stolen away from their bodies, their innate intelligence, and their hearts.
It doesn’t have to be that way. Here, at tantricsense, you have a safe space to co-create a container for yourself and be who you truly are.  Here you get to AWAKEN YOUR MAGICKAL POTENCIES and find the energies within yourself to feel fully and powerfully alive.

You no longer have to compromise who you are
to receive what you truly desire. 

You’ll cultivate mastery in Compassionate Acceptance, Deep Releasing, and Freedom into the NAKED ESSENCE of your Beingness. 
You’ll experience Deep Embodiment, Sensual/Sexual Authenticity, and Energetic Alignment.
You’ll come to know yourself, your Clarity of Purpose as a Sovereign Enchantress and Self-Empowered Woman.



This 90 minute call is designed to have your most pressing issue unraveled.
It is an initiation into Unleashing your Feminine Essence and activating your Tantric Goddess.

Ready to Activate!


7 Transformational Days of Radical Unapologetic Tantric Melting into Presence.

Naked Essence is a deep dive into Tantric Surrender and Somatic Awareness.

Melt into essence!


My signature transmission work for women.
This is a 9-week private container for the woman who is committed to awakening her unlimited magickal potency as a fully Embodied, Empowered and Enchanted Tantric Goddess.

Awaken My Magick!

magick unleashed 2023


I’m so EXCITED to announce our Signature Membership Club RITUAL will be open for Early Enrollment December 2022. 

For a limited time FOUNDING MEMBERS can get a life-time membership for a one-time price!

This is a Year-Long Full Tantric Magickal Immersion, where you align, activate and actualize Tantric Embodiment, Empowerment & Unleash Your Enchanted Magickal Tantric Goddess!

Each month we will explore a different Magickal Theme and imbibe its essence through Tantric RITUAL.

Want to know MORE? Join the waitlist below. I can’t wait to share the MAGICK with you.

TantricSense Blissings Signature

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