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Eclectic, weird, chaotic with just a touch of normal; tantricsense is how my crazy life unfolds.

I’ve never been able to walk a straight path towards anything in life. But then, how many of us would have ever guessed we would end up where we are today? I certainly didn’t. Yet, every twist and turn has led up to this perfectly imperfect moment. The culmination of every thought, emotion, feeling, breath and action. It cannot be any other way. So, I created tantricsense as my attempt to make sense of the tapestry that is this present NOW.

How do I sum up in a few words who I am? I could tell you I’ve been a professional modern dancer, graduated from art school, became a certified Hatha Yoga instructor, certified herbalist and Green Witch. That I rescued a horse named Truffles, who saved and rescued me far more than I did her. That I left my creative self behind to work in the corporate world, became successful and ended up burnt-out; ill, depressed, heartbroken and broke.

All of that is true, but it doesn’t really tell you who I AM, only fragments of what I’ve done.

It was at my lowest point, when I had completely sabotaged everything and lost my way, that who I AM emerged.

Digging deep into my alchemical practices I found the gems. The Tantric rituals, practices and magick which released me from the personal misery I had created for myself.

It has been through Tantric Magick that I found my Naked Essence.
I have Embodied, Empowered and Enchanted my life with newly found radical SELF LOVE, ACCEPTANCE and POWER.
I learned the alchemy of LETTING GO and ALLOWING … this is how MAGICK works.
It is my deepest hope that in sharing my story, my passions, and OFFERINGS you will be inspired to live your greatest SELF.
Let tantricsense be the magickal practice that reconnects you to your birthright… the unconditional LOVE and ever-present MAGICKAL BEING that you are.

…. and so, She decided to start living the life She’d Imagined!

P.S. To work with me and unleash your greatest Tantric Witchy Magickal Self... peruse tantricOFFERINGS.
I look forward to mentoring and guiding your Magickal Transformational Journey! 💜🦋💜


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