Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you are already a masterpiece.
You cannot be improved. You have only to come to it, to know it, to realize it.
– Osho –

EVERYTHING that your HEART desires is AVAILABLE to you…

The Questions Are…

  • Do you know what your true heart’s desires are?
  • Are you ready to let yourself have those heartfelt desires?
  • Are you ALIGNED with your NAKED ESSENCE, which lives within, shaping your fulfillment?

I’m not going to underestimate your intelligence

You are a smart, sophisticated, self-aware woman who knows her story.

You know that beneath every thought, emotion, and action, there is an energetic frequency transmitted 24/7.  AND… the culmination of this energy transmission is the fabric that shapes your reality.

If knowing this was enough, you would be living your ideal life. But… your life experience is still a struggle… OR… it’s just ok, but you sense it could be so much better. This is not your fault!

You have been educated to think rationally, to analyze life, and behave accordingly. Your intelligence has been rewarded, but what they didn’t teach you was how to access your NAKED ESSENCE, your raw wild feminine knowing, your TANTRIC MAGICK. In short, your real SUPERPOWERS.

If you are ready to access that TANTRIC MAGICK and shift from wanting it all into having it all… if you are ready to expand your capacity to choose, attract, allow and sustain your true heartfelt desires into reality… then tantricsense is made for you!

Now is the time to untame that precious body of yours, to shake off the cultural shackles and choose to create reality by your rules.

Shamelessly EMBODIED, Unapologetically EMPOWERED, Bewitchingly ENCHANTED.

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Hi, I’m Zoie, and I created tantricsense for you.
I came by these offerings the hard way by having to overcome painful disconnection in my life. 
Like so many women, I did my best to play by the rules… an academic overachiever I went to university on scholarship and then decided to go Boho and “find myself” before settling into a comfortable and successful corporate career. I was a good girl living “the life” in NYC.
Everything on the outside looked great, the job, the boyfriend, the fashionable city lifestyle, and yet I was an unhappy empty shell… so I unconsciously sabotaged it ALL… I had to start over and learn how to create my life my way by my rules… 
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